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    7 products
    tennis ball collection tube
    Ball trolley CLAX for 120 balls
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    Ball trolley EASY PACK
    Ball trolley CADDY for 200 balls
    Ball trolley ROYAL for 330 balls
    Ball basket MASTERS for 70 balls
    Ball basket PROFI for 90 balls

    Ball baskets for convenient collection and storage of tennis balls

    During and after training , the many balls have to be picked up again. So that the collection and transport does not become a time-consuming job for you, we have a wide variety of ball collectors , ball baskets and ball trolleys in our range. Choose the right one and concentrate only on the training in the future.

    Worth knowing about ball baskets

    Some ball baskets combine storage, transport and collection in a single product. The baskets are designed in such a way that the basket can be guided to the floor using long handles. The tennis balls can be pushed into the basket through the bars. When the ball basket is full, it can be conveniently placed on the handles at gripping height for training.

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