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    6 products
    Ball machine TENNIS TWIST
    Ball throwing machine TENNIS TUTOR "ProLite"
    Ball throwing machine PLAYMATE VOLLEY DREAM
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    Ball Collector MOVER
    Ball throwing machine PLAYMATE i-SMASH DREAM
    Ball machine TENNIS TUTOR

    Ball throwing machines suitable for training for children and adults

    Do you need a suitable ball throwing machine for effective tennis training? Train future talents with a ball throwing machine from our range. Our top product is the professional ball throwing machine PLAYMATE "ACE" for versatile and demanding training units and fast ball sequences.

    Alternatively, there are various smaller ball throwing machines with battery operation. The spectrum ranges from the small TENNIS-TWIST to the high-quality "portable" PLAYMAT.

    Worth knowing about ball throwing machines

    High-quality ball throwing machines can be controlled with a remote control and have various setting options. When making a selection, the sequence of balls, types of balls, trajectory and scattering angle should be matched to the needs of the training session.

    Do you have questions about our ball throwing machines?

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