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15 products
    15 products
    Lightweight trawl with wooden beams, net depth 150 cm, one or two layers
    from €115,00
    Extra heavy trawl with wooden beams, net depth 150 cm, one or two layers
    from €140,00
    Extra heavy trawl with wooden beams, net depth 75 cm, one or two layers
    Trawl net with aluminum beams, net depth 115 or 150 cm, one or two layers
    from €151,00
    Trawl net with wooden beams, net depth 115 cm, one or two layers
    from €126,00
    Children's trawl net 120cm wide
    trawl plane
    Replacement trawl fabric, heavy duty
    Replacement pull cord for trawls and pull-off mats
    Replacement trawl timbers
    Holding eye for trawl net WOOD with wooden beam
    Replacement trawl fabric, lightweight version
    Drawbar for trawls with wooden drawbar
    Drawbar for trawls with ALU drawbar
    Replacement trawl fabric, short version

    Durable trawls for easy tennis court stripping

    Post-game removal is an integral part of the sport of tennis. Every decent player knows it and every experienced groundskeeper demands it. The use of trawl nets on the tennis court has proven itself for many years. Depending on your preference, our trawl nets are available in a single-layer or double-layer design and a net depth of 1.50 m or 1.15 m. A rounded bar is required for the best grinding effect. You can choose between aluminum and hard red pine wood. The trawl nets are equipped with suitable lacing, if required, an aluminum drawbar can be retrofitted.

    Original trawl fabric, trawl wood and pull cord are of course also available as spare parts to replace worn parts.

    Things to know about trawls

    More than 30 years ago, the dragnet was developed as an alternative pulling device to the broom. In the beginning, a tennis net was cut to size and pulled across the tennis court with wooden slats and a drawstring. The result was so convincing that the trawl was able to conquer the tennis courts. Over the years, the components have been optimized to such an extent that the trawl came out, which you can purchase here in the shop.

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