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    Wheelbarrow BRICKMEHLKULI
    Wheelbarrow STANDARD

    Sturdy wheelbarrows for easy transport of brick dust around the plant

    The wheelbarrow is the groundskeeper's workhorse. Whether for distributing brick dust during the spring overhaul, disposing of the old tennis cover or transporting equipment and benches, a manoeuvrable wheelbarrow belongs on every tennis court.

    A particularly good wheelbarrow is the brick dust pen. The quality wheelbarrow has two pneumatic wheels and a particularly large capacity. Nevertheless, the brick dust pen remains easy to drive, manoeuvrable and leaves hardly any traces. The brick dust pen is also often called the Japanese .

    Things to know about wheelbarrows

    In order not to damage the existing tennis surface when dumping the brick dust, you should put your foot behind the tire as a stopper. This simplifies the tipping process.

    Do you have questions about our wheelbarrows?

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