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4 products
    4 products
    light green dark green
    Visor and wind screen TOP with advertising imprint LOB SPORT, 12 x 2 m
    light green dark green red metallic blue +4
    Visor and draft screen TOP, 12 x 2 m
    from €104,00
    light green dark green red metallic blue +8
    Visor and wind screen TOURNAMENT, 12 x 2 m
    from €142,00
    Snap hooks for vision and draft panels

    Printable sight and wind screens in many colors

    Every tennis court needs screens and wind screens. Of course, our screens are all made of high-quality polyethylene fabric and can be individually printed with advertising or club logos . However, they are not just a profane advertising medium, they also have useful functions.

    As the name suggests, they serve to shield the lines of sight and reduce the influence of wind. Despite their lightweight structure, the weather-resistant panels also help to reduce noise.

    The screens are available in the colors light green and dark green as standard. Special colors such as white, black, grey, red, yellow, orange, violet, blue, sapphire blue and metallic blue are also available on request.

    If you don't have a suitable advertising partner at hand, you can also attach the inexpensive LOB Sport screen to your tennis court.

    Worth knowing about vision and wind screens

    Screens should be at least 2.5 m high and, if possible, be kept in a uniform, dark color. The lettering should be in a color that allows the tennis ball to be clearly seen during play. The front sides of the playing field should be equipped with screens throughout on a tennis court.

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