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25 products
    25 products
    Tennis line set SPEZIALA 1 PLUS, white, line width 40 and 50 mm
    Tennis line set SPEZIALA 3, white, line width 50 mm
    Base line set for SPEZIALA tennis lines
    from €133,00
    white yellow
    Tennis line set SPEZIALA 1, white or yellow, line width 40 mm
    from €528,00
    white yellow
    Tennis line set SPEZIALA 2, white or yellow, line width 40 and 50 mm
    from €590,00
    Replacement roll SPEZIALA tennis lines
    from €66,37
    Hard PVC tennis line, 40-50 mm, perforated, nailless, rod or set
    from €9,00
    Soft PVC tennis line, 40 mm, set or roll
    from €181,50
    Self-adhesive tennis line
    Small court tennis line for children's tennis facilities
    Youth line STAGE 2 or 3
    SPEZIALA impact iron
    SPEZIALA tubular anchor made of stainless steel
    from €3,75
    SPEZIALA double tubular anchor made of stainless steel
    from €4,80
    SPEZIALA floor plugs made of stainless steel
    End fixation for SPEZIALA tennis lines - set
    from €56,80
    Long towing eye for ratchet tensioning device
    SPEZIALA ratchet tensioning device
    Fastening nail for tennis lines
    Wooden blocks for tennis lines
    Line tamper to strengthen tennis lines
    Hand tamper for compaction
    Tennis lines - Suggested profile made of stainless steel
    from €93,00
    Antifrost - line masking tape
    SPEZIALA steel floor plugs, painted matt black
    from €12,30

    Flexible tennis lines made of hard or soft PVC

    Over the years we have been able to continuously increase the product quality, so that our tennis lines are among the best available products on the market.

    The SPEZIALA tennis lines are produced exclusively in Germany from high-quality plastic . The material design and properties are coordinated in such a way that the optimal consensus of longevity, resilience, elasticity and economy is achieved.

    The lines are therefore particularly easy to lay and remain stable even at low or high summer temperatures. Thanks to special UV blockers, the SPEZIALA does not even suffer from prolonged exposure to the sun, the weak point of cheap lines.

    Renowned clubs and well-known tournaments rely on the tennis lines from LOB Sport. Convince yourself of the excellent quality and give your tennis courts a high-quality framework.

    The tennis lines are available in individual rolls or as a complete set with a base line, middle line and side line . That's up to 148 m of special plastic lines per place in a complete package with pipe anchors, ground anchors and end fixations.

    There is an extensive range of tools, accessories and spare parts for the SPEZIALA tennis line. You too can benefit from the LOB quality of line stampers, impact irons and suggested profiles for SPEZIALA tennis lines.

    Interesting facts about tennis lines

    Tennis lines are used to clearly mark the playing field. A distinction is made between the base line (width 2.5 to 10 cm), side lines (width 2.5 to 5 cm), service line (width 2.5 to 5 cm) and service center line (width 5 cm).

    There is also a middle mark on the baseline (width 5 cm, length 10 cm). The color of the marking lines must be uniform and stand out clearly from the surface, preferably white.

    Do you have questions about our tennis lines?

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