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17 products
    17 products
    silver white dark green
    Tennis post ROYAL aluminum, square
    from €485,00
    silver white dark green
    Tennis post ROYAL aluminum, round
    from €468,00
    Tennis post ROYAL steel, round, green powder-coated
    Crank for ROYAL tennis posts
    Attachment - clamping mechanism for tennis posts ROYAL
    Reversible ratchet 200 mm with adapter nut
    Sold Out
    Special adapter square 20 mm
    Clamping mechanism for ROYAL tennis posts
    Fastening material for ROYAL tennis posts
    Net holder for ROYAL tennis posts
    Replacement cover for ground sockets ROYAL tennis posts, round
    Replacement cover for ground sockets ROYAL tennis posts, square
    Replacement cover for counter post ROYAL
    Replacement cover for ROYAL tension posts
    Ground sockets for ROYAL tennis posts, round with cover
    Ground sockets for ROYAL tennis posts, square with cover
    Ground socket for ROYAL steel tennis posts

    High-quality tennis posts made of aluminum or galvanized steel

    A high-quality tennis post performs its service on the sidelines reliably and without defects for years. Our posts and matching accessories are made from rustproof materials to the highest quality standards. The GS-tested premium models of the ROYAL series are available in solid aluminum in "round" and "square" designs, or alternatively as round posts made of galvanized steel .

    The aluminum versions are available in bare aluminum or green or white powder coating , depending on taste.

    All components, such as ground sockets, net holding rods, tensioning mechanisms, cranks and lids, are always available for assembly and as replacements. With our fast delivery service, you will have the spare part in your hands in just a few days.

    Things to know about tennis posts

    Modern net posts have to absorb enormous forces from the taut wire rope and the suspended net. The total distance between the posts on the tennis court is 12.798 m. Thus, the posts on either side are exactly 0.914 m (3 feet) from the touchline, which is exactly the height of the net in the middle.

    A solid foundation is essential for the lasting stability of the post. In the cold months and when frost is imminent, it is advisable to remove the net or disconnect the mains voltage so that no damage can occur to the foundation.

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