tennis court equipment

111 products
    111 products
    Webbing with buckle closure
    SPEZIALA tubular anchor made of stainless steel
    from €3,75
    Webbing with metal sliding buckle
    SPEZIALA double tubular anchor made of stainless steel
    from €4,80
    Snap hooks for vision and draft panels
    Tennisnetz kaufen
    black green
    Tennis net WIMBLEDON
    black white orange dark green +4
    Grandstand Seat Elegance
    Long towing eye for ratchet tensioning device
    Crank for ROYAL tennis posts
    Webbing with Velcro
    Tennis net MATCH
    Clamping mechanism for ROYAL tennis posts
    Replacement roll SPEZIALA tennis lines
    from €66,37
    SPEZIALA ratchet tensioning device
    Fastening material for ROYAL tennis posts
    Replacement steel cable for tennis nets
    Drop-in ground anchor for webbing
    Fastening nail for tennis lines
    black green
    Tennis net COURT
    Tennis Net Smash
    Webbing with brass eyelet
    white dark green
    COMFORT tennis bench
    from €163,00
    SPEZIALA impact iron
    Net holder for ROYAL tennis posts
    Webbing tensioning screw with brass eyelet
    SPEZIALA floor plugs made of stainless steel
    mesh binding
    Ground anchor for webbing
    silver white green
    Aluminum single rods
    from €66,00
    Attachment - clamping mechanism for tennis posts ROYAL
    SPEZIALA steel floor plugs, painted matt black
    from €12,30
    End fixation for SPEZIALA tennis lines - set
    from €56,80
    Scoreboard MATCH POINTER Premium Edition, size M
    Special ground anchor
    light green dark green red metallic blue +4
    Visor and draft screen TOP, 12 x 2 m
    from €104,00
    Net support for separation nets
    light green dark green
    Visor and wind screen TOP with advertising imprint LOB SPORT, 12 x 2 m
    Self-adhesive tennis line
    Separating and lubricating spray for MATCH POINTER scoreboards
    black white orange dark green +4
    Grandstand Seat Compact

    High-quality tennis court equipment at a fair price.

    Are you looking for equipment for tennis courts? LOB Sport ist the right place for you. Convincing in product variety, quality and design, LOB Sport has been a leader in tennis court equipment for more than 30 years.

    The wide range of products includes everything you need for a tennis court. Tennis lines, tennis nets and posts, benches, scoreboards, screens, referee chairs, dividing nets, grandstands and much more can be found on this shop.

    Worth knowing about tennis court equipment

    LOB Sport takes tight club budgets into account. You don't always have to buy new worn or damaged tennis nets, tennis lines and scoreboards. With our wide range of accessories and spare parts, many products can be repaired inexpensively and with little effort.

    Do you have questions about our tennis court equipment?

    You can contact us at +49 911 64 200 43 or info[at]

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