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31 products
    31 products
    P-BOX 2.0 - Tennis Ball Conservation System
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    Replacement net for small-court tennis court QUICKFIX
    Ball container LOB tennis balls, yellow, pressureless
    tennis ball collection tube
    Tennis wall MOBILE
    Small-court tennis facility CHILDREN
    from €75,00
    Soft balls VOLLEY, yellow, Ø 70 - 210mm
    from €2,30
    Ball trolley CLAX for 120 balls
    Multi sport radar
    Tennis ball LOB, yellow, with internal print
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    Ball trolley EASY PACK
    netball collector
    Ball machine TENNIS TWIST
    Replacement net for small-court tennis court PROFI
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    Small-court tennis facility QUICKFIX
    Ball basket MASTERS for 70 balls
    Ball trolley ROYAL for 330 balls
    Replacement net for KIDS small-court tennis court
    from €30,00
    VIBRATION DAMPER round or square
    Ball trolley CADDY for 200 balls
    Ball basket PROFI for 90 balls
    Carrying bag for 2 QUICKFIX small-court tennis courts
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    PROFI small-court tennis court
    Ball throwing machine TENNIS TUTOR "ProLite"
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    Ball throwing machine PLAYMATE VOLLEY DREAM
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    Ball Collector MOVER
    Tennis ball ARP LOW ENERGY, yellow with red seam, pressureless
    Tennis ball LOB, yellow, pressureless
    Ball throwing machine PLAYMATE i-SMASH DREAM
    Ball machine TENNIS TUTOR
    yellow yellow green
    Tennis ball ARP SLOW PLAYING, pressureless

    Equipment and accessories for effective tennis training

    Do you need professional equipment for tennis training? In our online shop you will find all useful equipment and the right accessories, such as small court tennis courts , ball throwing machines, ball baskets, tennis balls, tennis walls and accessories.

    Things to know about tennis training

    Tennis is one of the most popular sports and is ideal as a sport from children to old age. Qualified training with a tennis instructor is essential for children and beginners. With the help of special techniques and equipment, a good basis for playing tennis can be learned relatively quickly.

    Do you have questions about our tennis training?

    You can contact us at +49 911 64 200 43 or info[at]

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