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4 products
    4 products
    P-BOX 2.0 - Tennis Ball Conservation System
    Multi sport radar
    netball collector
    VIBRATION DAMPER round or square

    Useful training accessories for ambitious tennis coaches

    If you are looking for useful and functional accessories for tennis training, then you have come to the right place. With the targeted use of high-quality training aids , tennis coaches design their training sessions effectively, professionally and successfully. Good tennis accessories are not only useful for adult players. Exciting and instructive training sessions can always be held with modern materials, especially in children's training and with young people.

    Things to know about training articles

    If you don't know what falls under the product category of training articles at LOB-Sport, then here is the answer. Training articles are products that every player can use for a tennis match or tennis training. This includes products such as speedometers that you can use to measure the speed of the tennis balls you hit, vibration dampers that guarantee a better feel for your tennis racket or netball collectors for easy collection of your tennis balls.

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