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irrigation and accessories

20 products
    20 products
    part circle sprinkler
    full circle sprinkler
    jet nozzle
    Pistol Fan Nozzle
    Fan nozzle with or without shut-off
    from €110,00
    GEKA PVC water hose, green, 25 or 50m roll, 3-4 or 1"
    from €100,00
    Sprinkler tripod for part and full circle sprinklers
    hose clamp 3-4"
    PERROT pop-up sprinkler LVZA 22 - 2 WT 4.0 mm replacement insert
    Replacement cover with holder for PERROT pop-up sprinklers LVZA 22 - 2 WT 4.0 mm
    Rubber seal for GEKA PLUS quick couplings, 3-4"
    Replacement seal for fan nozzle head
    GEKA PLUS quick coupling, 3-4" with hose nozzle
    GEKA PLUS quick coupling, 3-4" with screw ring
    GEKA PLUS quick coupling, 3-4" with internal thread
    GEKA PLUS quick coupling, 3-4" with rotatable hose nozzle
    hose connection 3-4"
    Special wrench for PERROT pop-up sprinklers LVZA 22 - 2 WT 4.0 mm
    Multi-Sport fan nozzle
    Sold Out
    PERROT pop-up sprinkler TRITON-S, WT 4,0 mm

    High-quality products for professional watering of tennis courts

    Do you need the right equipment for watering your tennis court? We have fan nozzles , wide jet nozzles, sprinklers and much more in our program. The low-maintenance part- circle sprinklers with optional sprinkler stand for large-area watering and the detachable fan nozzle for easy manual watering are particularly popular. We also have the PERROT pop -up sprinklers including all spare parts in stock for automatic irrigation.

    Our range is rounded off by the right water hoses, couplings and hose connectors from brand manufacturer GEKA.

    Things to know about irrigation

    Irrigation of the floor covering is essential for a high-quality clay court. The humidity of the water-bound covering must always be kept in an optimal range so that a tennis match can be played well. Adequate watering in the spring is important. The covering must be completely moistened so that the cover material binds properly and there are no breaks or shifts.

    Do you have questions about our irrigation?

    You can contact us at +49 911 64 200 43 or info[at]

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